The Enemy
Fear Not
Spiritual Warfare
The Causes of Troubles
War and Peace
Love of Money
Despise Authority
Power to Overcome Fear
Peace through Victory
Peace through Victory


Back in the days of yore, a long time ago in the late seventeen hundreds when America first became a new nation, merchants sent their ships across the sea to trade with many nations near and far away, but they ran into some problems. There were these Barbary Pirates that were constantly attacking our ships, sinking some of them, robbing all of them, killing some of our seamen, enslaving others, and plundering many of our ships. The high seas presented a terrible problem for the new America. The American government, therefore, contacted the Barbary Pirates, and offered to pay them, money and tribute, if they would just leave American merchant ships alone. Barbary Pirates readily agreed to take the American’s money and leave their ships alone. The Barbary Pirates took American money and continued doing what they had been doing nonetheless. After a few years without any success against the Barbary Pirates, America elected a new president called Thomas Jefferson, who was aware of this horrendous situation. So, in the early eighteen hundreds after dozens of years of trying to placate these vicious pirates, Jefferson said there will be millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute paid to these pirates and others involved. Jefferson said he would not give in to that kind of treachery and terrorism; he would fight for peace.