Real Freedom

Freedom’s definition often changes with the times. What’s free to one may very well impinge on the liberty of another. The Declaration of Independence says God has given His children certain inalienable rights among them the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Then the Constitution elaborates by saying that life, liberty, and property shall not be taken away without due process, which is legally obtained evidence presented to a Grand Jury or indictment, followed by a trial by jury, and a conviction by a jury of the person’s peers. So American liberty is staying out of jail, which is a good start. Later, in order to guarantee the passage of the Constitution, the founding fathers agreed to a Bill of Rights, which includes freedoms of speech, press, religion, gun ownership, and a bunch of legal rights.

Some, today, feel these freedoms are diminishing in America. Others wonder if a government can really guard or provide true freedoms to a person. Since Jefferson insisted that God provides the rights of freedom, we should check out what the Maker has to say about freedom.

Parameters of Freedom

Knowledge of Our Father’s Word, the Truth, sets a person free. Free from what?

No one, living in ignorance about the obligations, promises, blessings, and gifts that Our Father has in store for any who are willing to seek them out, can be free. Without knowing the rules of life and freedom, a person cannot get them. Without knowing the promises, a person cannot strive for them. So the Truth sets a person free.

Our Father created our minds to resonate with His Truth, while lies injure this finely tuned creation. When we live according the Word and Ways of Our Creator, our lives have fulfillment, and we reap the rewards. When we live at variance with our nature created by Our Father, we abuse the nature God gave us and suffer the consequences.

If we ingest poison, we will become very sick or die. If we eat healthy foods, we will grow robust. So too with Our Father’s Word. If we exist for deceptive evils, our spiritual nature becomes sick or dies. If we learn about and walk by Our Father’s Truth, our spiritual lives grow healthy and prosperous.

Freedom from the Evil of Slavery

Thus, it follows that Our Father wants to free us from the greatest impediment to liberty, evil. He, rightly, points out that whatever principles we obey in our lives, they enslave us. If we believe in things sinful or evil, even if our beliefs are not deliberately evil but are a result of deception or ignorance, we are enslaved by these beliefs and, thus, suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, the great deceiver, Satan, who gladly enslaves people to its glory and to their detriment, pain and suffering, has deceived all but a few of the human inhabitants of Earth.

On the other hand, some have chosen to become slaves, if you will, to righteousness, i.e., doing right. Now, if enslaving oneself to the evils deceptively promulgated by the devil results in suffering and death, then enslaving oneself to righteousness ordained by Our Father must lead to life and live everlasting, which seems to be a worthwhile goal. Besides how much freedom can a person consigned to eternal death possibly have?

Since everlasting life comes from being slaves to righteousness, Our Father notes that He will free believers from the burden of the diseases and plagues found in Egypt, the land of sin, Biblically, speaking. Further, Our Father will visit these diseases on the believers’ enemies. And, He will liberate them from the common hardships and human ills.

So the most important freedom Our Father endowed us with is freedom from the cords of wickedness and the chains of evil. Our Father tells us to sever the bonds and snap the chains and reap the benefit leading to holiness and eternal life.

Freedom from Fear and Danger

To be afraid of anything cripples a person beyond all else. Our Father promises that his rod will protect His People from all dangers, from all dangers, which is the source of fear. He will keep His People’s homes safe and secure. He will protect His People from bodily harm when they do not tempt Him by imprudent activities. He will provide food, clothing and shelter, and never will His People suffer want. He will protect His People from the wicked. When Our Father is with His People, what can man do to them?

The greatest slavery most impose on themselves is fear and dread of debilitating illness and death. Few realize that the children of Our Father have been liberated from the bondage to decay and death. Our Father through Jesus’s sacrifice and death has destroyed the power of death, the power of Satan, for those who believe. Even though we must all die, the Bible calls it sleep, all believers will be resurrected to eternal life.

If we can keep in mind Our Father’s promises to protect us from evil, to keep us from want, and to guarantee us eternal life, we will never fear what Satan or man may try to deceive and scare us with.

Covenant of Freedom

When the children of Israel became oppressed from the slavery their faithlessness brought upon them, they made a covenant of freedom. In their steadfastness to righteousness, Our Father made His faithful believers to be a covenant for Israel and a light to the Gentiles. Their freedom opened the eyes of the blind and freed the captives from the prisons and dungeons of sin and death.

Later, Jesus proclaimed that freedom to all who believed on him and received the gift of life from Our Father’s favor, who then answers their prayers and helps them into salvation.

Cry out to the captives of Satan and sin to come out of the darkness and be free. Find the food of life in the Word of Our Father.

Impediments to Freedom

The path to freedom is often strewn with rocky impediments. To those called to be free, some revert back to their sinful natures and re-enslave themselves to Satan. Others, who live by the lie and pour out untruths, enslave themselves to the father of lies, Satan. To the stubborn who refuse to obey the Father of goodness and who cannot therefore proclaim the day of freedom, Our Father condemns them to the “freedom” to fall by the sword, plague and famine.

How to Get Freedom:

Obedience to the Law

The first step in gaining true freedom is run in the path of Our Father’s commandments and let Him set our hearts free. When we follow the Way, we are set free from the law of sin and death. But James warns that it is not enough to look into the perfect law that endows freedom, but to walk in it. He says we must talk and behave as if we truly believe that the law that gives freedom will judge us. If we do that Our Father’s mercy will triumph over judgement.

Obedience to Rulers

For many, it is easy to obey Our Father’s Law, but then to rebel against all other authorities. Paul advises that if we want to be free from fear of those authorities, do what is right and gain commendation. Why? Because all authority comes from Our Father. Therefore, He is quite capable of using constituted authority to reprimand or bless us.

Content with Monetary State

While money or wealth is neutral as far as morality is concerned, the love of money is the root of all evil; it is idolatry of the worst kind. Jesus asks us to choose Our Father or Mammon, the god of money. Covetousness is idolatry. Instead be content with the money your hard work, savings, circumstance, and talent bring you because if we are right with Our Father and not slaves in the service of greed He will never leave or forsake us. If we believe Our Father is our helper, we will never be afraid.

Our Father tells us to be strong and courageous in doing right because His love and power goes with us. He tells us to keep in the ways of righteousness to put to death fear and terror that originates with Satan and sin.

David wrote to those worried about money or fear of poverty, that he never saw anyone righteous forsaken by Our Father or begging for bread. There is far more treasure in the Kingdom of God, than all the wealth on Earth miscreants love or try to wrest from others. Obviously, the poor are blessed with being in the company of Our Father when He brings His Kingdom to Earth after the millennium.


Our Father will set us free from our prisons when we ask and give a good reason. People pray to be free from Satan and sin to praise and worship Our Father in heaven. People pray to be free to show the goodness of Our Father by their actions and concern for others.


People fast for many reasons, some good and some bad. The kind of fast Our Father wants loosens the chains of injustice and the cords of being yoke to sin. The fast Our Father wants sets the oppressed free from the dominion of the demon.

Freedom through Jesus

The only one Our Father has given us to set us free from yoke of slavery to Satan is His Son and Our Savior, the Lord, Jesus. He went about Israel freeing people from the slavery of sickness. He freed those possessed by demons. He freed certain people, temporarily then, from death. And most of all, he freed all who have faith in him from slavery to sin and its master, Satan.

He set us free from all sin by his death and resurrection. Take my yoke, he said, because his yoke was light compared to the yoke of slavery to sin. He set us free from the law of sin and death, forever. Then be warned not to return the ways of slavery again.

Because Jesus has freed all people, believers can approach Our Father with freedom and confidence. No longer does the curtain separate the faithful from the Living God.

Free Gift of the Water of Life

The water of life cannot be bought or earned. This great gift comes only from Our Father in heaven, who alone gives this gift of life. Joyfully, Our Father wants believers to draw water from the wells of salvation. He wants those who thirst for righteousness to drink of the water of life. Those who find this water will never thirst and live forever

All who thirst must come to Jesus and drink from him. Indeed, those believers who drink deeply of the water of life become springs of water flowing to all who would be saved.

What is the water of life, the fountain of salvation? The Holy Spirit is the water of life flowing from heaven, from Our Father. The water of life flowed abundantly on that Pentecost when the Apostles preached and converted thousands. The water of life continues to spring forth from the Words of Our Father and the Gospel of Jesus.

When the heavenly Jerusalem finally comes down to the new Earth and Our Father sits on the throne of mercy, the great river of life will flow down the streets of the city and whoever wishes will drink deeply from free gift of life.


The Anglo-American heritage from Runnymede (the meadow near London where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215) to the Declaration of Independence promises political freedom. But, even with political freedom we are not free until we break the yoke of slavery that Satan and sin imprison us with.


Gil Kovacs