War and Peace

As I have mentioned a few times before, communication has its several subdivisions. Briefly, the mind tells the lungs to breath out, it sets the vocal folds, tongue, and lips to form sounds of words.

How the mind and body coordinate in this extremely complex activity, is not fully understood. It involves the nervous system, sensory system, muscles, hearing and knowledge.

Learn you language from baby and childhood.

The mind has the knowledge of the meaning of certain words, (only the unabridged dictionary has all the meanings) denotative and connotative, and its various meaning in various contexts. It understands the grammar of the language, even if scientists do not. Vocabularies grow and change for each generation, thus putting older meaning somewhat out of reach.

The words vibrating the air move away from the speaker and the vibrations get weaker and the words softer, thus causing the hearer to miss or misunderstand some or many of the words. Those sounds of words reach the ear whose ear drum vibrate other organs until the sounds are translated by the nervous system into the mind.

The process is repeated, as the listener becomes the speaker. When that happens, we have communication, IT.

The listener does not have to “hear” all the sounds to understand the words; the mind fills in what is missing, sometimes accurately and sometimes inaccurately. Other listeners can help translate.

Siri, Dragon and other apps use the cloud to translate the sound, the words, to written language.

The mind of the listener cannot always understand the whole message because of noise in the system and because the listener hears new words, poor vocabulary or ideas foreign to him. If there is enough redundancy, the mind can get an idea of the meaning from the context or the speaker’s defining the unknown idea. In many cases a new idea contradicts the listeners knowledge and understanding; so the new ideas in the message are never perceived or out right rejected, or the listener questions the speaker to have the new ideas or words defined to make the mean clearer or clear.

Noise can come from natural noise in the air from whatever sources. Noise can also come from someone speaking loudly at the same time as the original speaker and replace the original idea with his own; so the listener never hears the original message. In order to keep the noise from interfering with the messenger’s ideas, the speaker adds redundancy to overcome the noise almost automatically.

Noise is a major impediment to hearing and faith. The Bible, God’s Word, has some noise in it either through a tiny few mistakes copying and an tiny, occasional deliberate change in copying or translation.

There are powers and people who want power to mess up God’s Words. Did God say?

The biggest noise in the message is the listeners’ predisposition to ideas divergent to the original. They deliberately misunderstand the message because they cannot conceive of the True Word.

Old concepts get new names. A recent band has a new album called the Classics or some such. Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart?

The major idea in the minds of almost all is that a great person cannot be so much better than the rest of the humans that he must be more than a mere man; he must a god-man. A god would impregnate a woman or virgin and the resulting son would be greater than all others. The major kings of ancient times were god-men as understood by the king and all the inhabitants in his kingdom. To the copiers of parts of the New Testament, they gave Jesus an honor of being a god-man because he was so great and better than all mankind; the virgin birth noise is the major example of this. The redundancy, of course, is God’s Word that expresses His Oneness in over a thousand scriptures. He knew noise would eventually try to misconstrue His Word; so He repeated the Word many, many times. God also defines His nature many times so redundancy would overcome noise. God is righteous, said many times, means He would not break His commandment of no adultery, including incest, fornication and rape. No intercourse outside of marriage, not even impregnating a virgin by other means.

But the powers that be do NOT want people to hear God.