Jesus Is King

From what we see today of governments and leaders, we cry out for a government that works for the good of its citizens. We have had enough of corruption, bribery, intimidation, plunder, and incompetence. In place of what we have, we ache for a leader, or king, who will rule ably, honestly with perfect character.

That perfect leader, that perfect head of government, that perfect Prime Minister, that perfect president, that perfect king is Jesus.

The King Is Prophesied

Our Father always knew that no leader would ever rule properly or any government establish adequate laws. So in the very beginning he planned to have His Son become the ruler or king of planet Earth. At some point in history, the governments of Earth will become so corrupt and dangerous that Jesus would have to return to Earth to intervene to save mankind from itself. He inspired His prophets to give His People hope by writing about the coming Kingdom of God and its King.

This king would be from the house of Judah, the ruling house of Israel, and particularly from the root of Jesse, i.e., David. We see from the genealogy of Jesus that he does come from the house of Judah and the scion of David.

David talks about Our Father begetting a Son who will inherit the nations and rule with a rod of iron.

Our Father made a covenant with His chosen one, His first born through David to be the most exalted King of the Earth. This covenant is call the New Covenant.

Present King

When Our Father raised Jesus and seated him at his right hand, He gave him all authority over all governments of the Earth for the Church’s sake. In spite of the fact that no king, dictator, prime minister, or president would dare acknowledge the authority of Jesus or admit that their power came from Our Father through Jesus, the fact is Jesus is the ruler of Earth, but as if he were in exile.

Those whom Our Father has chosen, however, do acknowledge Jesus’s authority over them and over the world’s governments for their advancement, correction, and protection. Thus, they fear no police or army because for the concerns of the members of the Church — Our Father’s own — Jesus will extend complete control over each and every authority for His People. King Jesus will safely protect a Christian, who obeys the government. Unfortunately for the Christian who disregards constituted authority, our present king will use them to discipline the rebellious, who might argue against governments abuse of power. However, Paul commanded the Roman Christians, living with evil pagan rulers replete with pagan statutes and laws, to obey these leaders because all authority comes from Our Father through Jesus to the current government. Our Father requires all of His People not only to obey these governments but also to pay taxes to them. Ugh! Surely, we in the United States of America can constitutionally fight the system but not go outside it and disregard it.

The only time Our Father’s People may disobey the government is when the government tells them to disobey the Big Ten. This testing only came on Daniel and his three friends. Our likelihood of having to confront the government would be rare, if ever, indeed.

What Kind of a Ruler Is Jesus?

Whether people believe in Jesus’s ultimate authority under Our Father, he reigns for the good of the believers or the band of the faithless. How, then, does he rule?

Rules by Our Father’s Law

Unlike pretenders, usurpers, and despots, Jesus refuses to make up laws to benefit himself or build himself a fortune — rather he determinedly follows and executes Our Father’s Laws, originally written in stone, so there would be no disputing or amending them. No amending, you may say, don’t almost all the present day churches amend the Big Ten? They may, but Jesus Christ will not, neither do Our Father’s People.

Introduced in an overview form to us Earthlings through Noah, Our Father spelled out the Commandments later on the mount. He told Noah, the first patriarch of Earth and, thus, the first ruler from whom all rulers descend, to increase and multiply. Intrinsic to this is marriage because Our Father instituted marriage, in part, for the purposes of propagation. In order to protect the family, Our Father introduced the last six Commandments. Honoring parents keeps a family strong; you shall not murder protects all members of the family; you shall not commit adultery maintains the marriage; you shall not steal allows the family to have the wherewith all for food, clothing and shelter; you shall not bear false witness prevents liars from destroying the family in a court situation; and you shall not covet keeps the family properly concerned with their property without desiring other’s.

Our Father added two other demands of government. To give ownership and management to people not the other way around where "nature" would control people. And, Our Father demanded governments execute murderers. Hopefully, governments execute only those truly guilty of murder without manufacturing or judging evidence or bringing false witnesses.

The law written in stone is part of the Truth. (“Thy Word is Truth.”). The rest of Our Father’s Word constitutes the rest of the Truth. Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, so, too, is ignorance of Our Father’s law no excuse. On the other hand, Our Father through Jesus judges those who cannot know His Word differently because they were unable to know. For the rest, the Bible is available to all — they have no excuse for their ignorance or deliberate disregarding of the law.

So Jesus rules, not by some man made constitution, law or statute, but by the Law of Our Father. He rules by the Truth.

We can know whether Jesus will rule by the highest law, the Law of Our Father. He lived his life righteously in intent, word and deed, never sinning. He knows how to do right in all situations including desire and temptation. Thus, he can judge the acts and intention vis-a-vis the Law with understanding because he was there and did that.

Therefore Jesus’s justice is true without prejudice or selfish intent. Whether we like or dislike his judgement, we know it is just — not perverted by bribery or threat. He will not indite for ulterior motives, but rather based strictly on the evidence.
On the local level people will be able to live freely and safely, as all who endanger their freedom and safety will receive swift judgement. If swift justice does not dissuade potential miscreants, inescapable punishment will remove dangerous individuals from harming the righteous.

Rules by Truth

Jesus told his disciples that his only goal in life was to do his Father in heaven’s will. Naturally, Our Father’s will is found in the pages of the Bible, or the Word. Now, we can know what the Word is; it is Truth, God’s Word is Truth.

Unlike any government in the world, present or past, Jesus will govern only by the Word of God — no more, no less. And this Truth is so powerful that it brings life, sanctification, and salvation. Since all will know the Truth in Jesus’s government, all will share in the glory the Truth brings.

Rules by Righteousness

What is righteousness? Strong’s says: right (as self-evident), i.e. justice (the principle, a decision, or its execution).

So, then, Jesus governs by right based on the Laws, Commandments, and Word of God. How don we know that he rules by what is right? We have the evidence his whole life as shown in the gospel shows us. He never disobeyed any law of God or man. Anyone who can obey without force can be trusted to govern by the same rules he lived by.

Jesus’s government has a legal system of fixed laws, which is very good because we can be sure that what is right today will be right tomorrow, and what is wrong today will still be wrong tomorrow. Unlike all the world’s governments that change laws according to the whim of what’s popular, Jesus’s government will be unerringly consistent.

Getting back to trust, Jesus lived righteously, was indeed the righteousness of God, so we can trust him to rule righteously. In the same way, when we trust Jesus now as the ruler in our lives, we are righteous. And it follows that whatever we believe in, we will live by. So trusting Jesus as our righteousness, we will walk in the ways of righteousness, because what we really believe in our inner most part of our minds, is what controls our actions.

Rules by Justice

Justice, too, ought to be defined by Strong: to rule; by impl. to judge (as umpire); also to strive (as at law).

Jesus’s government makes justice its centerpiece. The Word of Truth has gone out into the whole world so none will be ignorant or uniformed.

God says He loves justice and hates robbery, extortion, oppression of the poor, mistreatment of the aliens, and iniquity. He warns us not to follow the crowd in doing wrong. Don’t, He says, try to twist justice by offering bribes, siding with the loudmouths, showing favoritism to the rich or disdain to the poor.

On the other hand, He challenges us to seek justice, turn aside from dishonest gain, defend the cause of the orphan, and plead the case of the widow. Jesus will set the example because by justice he will give the Earth stability.

The most important aspect of justice is the one tempered with mercy. Since all have sinned and come short of the law, all deserve the death penalty sin must bring because of justice. So, Jesus, the great ruler, paid that death penalty, that is, died for our sins because he had no sins of his own to die for. So justice was satisfied. Also mercy, for Jesus obtained mercy for us at the expense of his death.

Rules by Wisdom

To be wise is to learn from God’s Word and follow what it says. The beginning of wisdom, Solomon noted, is fear of the Lord.

Unlike the wisdom imagined by the pagans such as Plato and Aristotle who believed that the gods gave special people wisdom and made them the elites of society, Our Father tells us the wisdom comes out of His mouth, which means all who follow Our Father’s ways can be wise, from the simple to the eruditish.

As wise as Solomon was, Jesus was and is far wiser because Our Father filled him with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from His Word.

Since Jesus is the Word made flesh, the true embodiment of the Bible, he is the wisdom of God. Certainly, our king has one of the great attributes of leadership — wisdom.

Rules by Humility

One might think, because of Jesus’s wisdom and other singular attributes of leadership, that he would exhibit a superior attitude. Instead, however, he is the epitome of humility.

The past and future king got down on his knees and washed his disciples’ feet and told them to do as he did. What king, president, Prime Minister have you ever heard of that would stoop to such humility. Don’t they, rather, expect others to serve them as royalty?

Finally, Jesus, who knew no sin and could live forever because only sin causes death, humbled himself, became obedient to God’s will, and died for us sinners.

Rules Because of His Victory

Jesus earned his kingship by what he did. He, by his love, trust in, and obedience to our Father, did defeat mankind’s most fearsome enemy, Satan, the devil. He conquered Satan when it tried to tempt him after his long fast. He conquered Satan when he died for our sins. He conquered Satan when wrested us from the slavery of sin brought onto this planet by the alien demon.

He brings us peace from the warfare Satan brings on us by his momentous victory. Now we never have to bow down to evil and can live to righteousness by serving our king, the Lord Jesus.

Rules as a Savior

Most rulers claim to have saved their people from some enemy, real or imagined. As we know, Jesus really saved his people from the world’s greatest enemy. There is no king like him.

All we need to do to enter the Kingdom of God, is to have faith in Jesus’s act of salvation, love Our Father and obey Him, and Our Father will give us eternal life, salvation.

Our Father made Jesus king of king and lord of lord. Each Sabbath we rest, assemble, and worship Our Father, we demonstrate our faith in Jesus as the lord, also of the Sabbath.

Future King

In the future, no one knows the day or hour, the last trumpet will sound and Jesus will physically take over the reins of all governments on Earth. He will rule with all the attributes and character that made him the Son of God. This kingdom will never end but endure for all time because it is based on the Word of God. All people will bow before Jesus.

If any refuse to accept Jesus as their lord and king, he will not force them. Neither will he endow them with eternal life because it would be cruel to allow evil people to live forever with hateful and stony hearts committed to violence.

Free to Enter the
Kingdom of God

When people confess that Jesus is the Lord and believe in their hearts that God raised him from the dead, they will be saved. The proof of their faith is in the doing, that is, loving Our Father by obeying His Word.

Then the King will say, come, blessed of Our Father, enter the Kingdom of God prepared since the creation. You fed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty, clothed the naked, took care of the sick, and visited the prisoners. Therefore, you showed your righteousness and deserve eternal life.


Gil Kovacs

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