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About God
God Is One
One God and Father
God Is Our Father
God Is. . .
Almighty God
Ahab — Love
Aman, Faithful
What's in a Name?
God's Holy Days
Loyalty to God
All Authority
All Authority, 2
Glorifying God
How God Communicates
How God Communicates, 2
Body Language
Touched by the Word
God Rules
Fear of the Lord
Grace, 2
Why Ask God
Walking with God
Will of God, 1
Power of Love Within
Rely on God's Power
If God Be for Us
The Creator and Ruler
IT and the Word
Decoding the Word
Word Is Truth
God, the Creator
God, the Healer
God Is Gracious
God Is for Us
God's Power, 1
God's Power, 2
Trust in God
God Exists
The Real Jesus
Jesus Is. . .
Jesus, the Son of Man
Jesus Is King
Jesus Is Lord
Jesus Prayed
Greatest Hero
The Gospel 1
The Gospel 2
Relation with Jesus
The Jesus Transformation
In Jesus
Putting on Christ
Impact of the Resurrection
Bara (Creation)-Bor (Jesus) Link
Call on the Name of the Lord
How Jesus Received Authority
Break the Code
The Perfect Image
Word Became Flesh (revised)
The Good Shepherd
God of Jesus, 1
God of Jesus, 2
Words of Life
How to Be Saved
What Is Faith? I
What Is Faith? II
Faithfulness 1
Faithfulness 2
Faith Works
Faith of Jesus
Real Freedom
Prepare for the Day of the Lord
The Kingdom is Now
Pomises and Loyalty
What is the Kingdom?
Deliver Us from Evil
Abraham's Legacy
The Resurrection
Doing the Commandments
The Logos
As We Forgive Those...
Bible and Stem Cell Research
Religion in America
Day of Atonement
What Is the Spirit?
Work of the Spirit
Baptism of Spirit
True Joy
Age of Passover
The New Age
Spirit Teaches
In Place
Our Authority from God
Feast of Trumpets
Faith Works
Sons by Faith
The Poor
Overcoming Poverty
Overcoming Poverty, 2
Decoding the Code
Eternal Life
Fear Not
Torah and Mitzvah
The Creation
Creation, Day One
The Raqia, Day Two
The Third Day
The Fourth Day
The Fifth Day
The Sixth Day
How God Created
How God Created, 2
God Created the Commandments
Evidence of the Creator
The Creation Speaks
Covenant of Creation
Two Covenants
Covenent of Promised Land
Sabbath, Covenant of Promise
The New Covenant
Our Wrtten Covenant
Why We Need Covenants
Creation Covenant
The Enemy
Fear Not
Spiritual Warfare
The Causes of Troubles
War and Peace
Love of Money
Despise Authority
Power to Overcome Fear
Peace through Victory
Do not Trust Religion
To be Tempted