In the Image of God

The Antichrist

The Earth was still heavy with mist in those days, even though the perpetual cloud cover had abated. The few who had survived the cataclysm began the task of rebuilding their civilization. The great patriarch had committed his government to his God's laws. His obligation was passed down to his three sons, two of whom were somewhat less committed to their father's God than their father, especially Ham. Shem, the first born, understood and believed in the God of Noah.


Cush was the first born of Ham. Nimrod, the great, was the first born of Cush. Nimrod was a mighty warrior and a charismatic leader of the people, beyond even an Alexander. His prowess with the bow and arrow would make Robin Hood a poor imitation. He founded many cities and would be the king of the Earth, so dynamic a person he was.

In the land of Shinar, he persuaded the people to build a tower to the heavens, a huge obelisk, an abominable phallic symbol. Whether he planned to mount the tower into the heavens to fight against his great grandfather's God is not clear. Nonetheless, Noah's God found what Nimrod's followers were doing a great evil. He gave the people several languages so that they could not communicate with one another. This evil project failed.

But Nimrod was not yet finished. It has been said
that the people so adored him, he became to them a god. His wife, Semiramis, it is further thought, became the chief worshipper and organizer of the religion to Nimrod. But Shem found out about his grand nephew and abominable practices and set out to attack and destroy him, some histories attest. These same histories claim the Shem killed Nimrod and cut his body into pieces, threw them into the Nile for the crocodiles' feast, and so his followers would not worship his relics.

(See: Gen 11:1-9.)


Simarimis distraught and bewildered had a plan to bring back her beloved husband. She got herself pregnant and asserted that she was pregnant from her dead husband, now in the heavens, in a virgin birth. She gave birth to a son Tammuz, the reincarnation of Nimrod and god the son.

The first trinity had been formed - Nimrod, Simarimis, and Tammuz. Since so many lies were involved in the establishment of this truly depraved religion, it was called a Mystery Religion. Since it began in the plains of Shinar, the land of Babylon, its whole name was the Babylonian Mystery Religion.

History suggests that Shem also killed the god son. And there was great weeping on the plains of Shinar. Every year about the time before the winter solstice, religious rituals were kept to remind the people of the god Tammuz and the "virgin" mother of god, Simarimis.

As the Babylon Mystery Religion traveled about the Mediterranean Sea, the people changed the names of the gods and embellished the story while keeping the essential elements of it. Nimrod became variously Osiris (oddly, perhaps, Shem became the hated god Seti), Zeus, Jupiter. Tammuz finally became Saturn. Simarimis became Isis, Aphrodite, Venus and the virgin mother of god.

Pictures and statues of the gods of this Babylonian Mystery Religion had their heads adorned with halos. Simarimis is shown with her baby Tammuz cradled in her arms. She was often shown with an arc of stars around her halo.

The Babylonian Mystery Religion had hidden meanings and origins for its rituals. It was entirely based on the adventures of the early descendents of Noah. Idolatry, prostitution, and holidays of debauchery were its mainstays. They believed that kings whether called Pharaohs or Caesars were gods, you know the divine right of kings concept. The Babylonian Mystery Religion absorbed many other religious practices and stories readily to its own rituals and practices. It shedded any names of its religion as long as the core practices remained.

The author of the Babylonian Mystery Religion was, of course, Satan, who knew the prophecies of Jesus as being the Son of God and tried to deceive its followers into accepting a counterfeit of the Truth. The demon included just enough fact to insure its receptivity.

Thus, Jesus said that many would come in his name saying the Jesus is the Christ and deceive many. (Mat 24:5) Why should people saying that Jesus is the Christ or as some say today, Jesus is lord, deceive many. You already know. Satan had the world ready for the deception with Tammuz, a.k.a, god, the son.

There is the Jesus of the Bible and there is Tammuz morphed into Jesus. This morphing already took place even as the apostles were going about preaching the gospel. The Babylonian Mystery Religion was in place to make several subtle changes in Christianity, and lo, Babylon, the great, infiltrated Christianity.

(See: Eze 8:14, Rev 17:5.)


Jesus complained that while he came in the Father's name, people preferred following people coming in their own name and authority. The same is true today. People say Jesus is lord and perform rituals that have nothing to do with Jesus. They keep midnight services on the feast of Saturnalia unlike anything Jesus or the apostles did. They have sunrise services on the feast of Astarte in the spring unlike anything Jesus and the apostles did. They worship on Sunday as Constantine commanded whereby Jesus and the apostles kept the Sabbath holy. Many Churches have pictures and statues in direct disobedience to the command against idolatry. In short, people follow the dictates of men instead of what God and his son Jesus said. Even in Jesus's time and in land of Israel, there were forces abroad that began to eat away at the Truth of the gospel.

Things began to get worse during the time of the apostles. Paul, Peter and John warned the early Christians that evil doers had infiltrated the church to attempt to deceive even the elect. John, in fact, said that many Antichrists had already come into the church. History thinks that John lived to cir 90 A. D. Even with the powerful character and personality of the apostles, the church began to go pagan, its decline moved swiftly without them and led many astray.

Like politicians many church leaders are more concerned with their position and doctrines than the Truth of the Bible. Indeed, they twist and confuse the Word of Truth to suit their dicta, defer to traditions instead of the Sacred Writ, and neglect the verses that prove their doctrines wrong.

(See: 1 John 2:18, 4:1, 2 Pet 2:1, 2 Thes 2:5-11.)

Worshipping Other Gods

Idolatry began in the Garden of Eden when Eve listened to the serpent's lies and Adam followed Eve. People like the lie better than the Truth because the Truth hurts and forces people to change from the comfort of habits to the seldom-traveled paths to glory.

God tests the people by allowing false prophets to make their pronouncements. He allows prophets to dream dreams and have false visions. He allows them to work wonders and do miracles. He says test the word of the prophet against the Word of God. Then God demands that people love God with their entire being and follow Him, only. For the rebellion these false prophets promote, God commands they be executed because they tried to turn you away from the God.

Jesus said that false Christs and prophets would envelop the world. They would perform great signs and miracles that might even deceive the elect, if that were possible.

I asked a young Mormon how do you know that your prophet has the Truth. He replied because what he said made him feel good! Poor boy! God said it. Test everything by His Word.

(See: 2 Thes 2:9, Rev 13:13.)

Nothing But the Whole Truth

Protestants and Catholics have many fine doctrines of doing good and service. They are against many wrongful practices such as abortion, sexual perversion, fornication and adultery. They rail against laxity against criminals. So how can anyone criticize them? Actually, it is not the members of these churches that are criticized, but the practices their leaders and former leaders foist, ignorantly or otherwise, on them. We can judge actions but not the intent of a person.

What happens is this. Whenever people do not worship the One Creator God and believe and act on what He says, He gives them over to a long list of sins. (Rom 1:18-32). When Jesus becomes "God the Son" who probably created the world before he was "incarnated" (became flesh), something is wrong. Jesus is the Son of God who was born almost two thousand years ago, and whose existence was only in God's mind and plan until he was begotten. To make Jesus a god, is to confuse him with Tammuz as was said.

James says breaking one commandment, breaks them all.

(See: Deut 13:1-5, Jer 23:21, 14:14, James 2, Mark 1:1.)

The End Time

Antichrist, the lawless one, false prophets, the beast, the dragon, deceivers - the worst is yet to come. From the misty past on the plains of Shinar and the heights of the Tower of Babel, we move into the equally foggy future.

The Antichrist or Antichrists appeared in apostolic times. His reign continued unchecked for two millennia. Just as the true church has an unbroken history, the Antichrists dog the church with deceptions, deceit, and destruction.

Built on the foundation of Caesar and the Pontifex Maximus, Constantine married a debilitated Christianity with Roman paganism. Eventually, the reincarnated Babylonian Church contained as much mystery and paganism as it did Christianity. Claiming that its religion is based solely on tradition - of Nimrod and company, and Roman paganism - they brought popular rites and holidays to ensure its continuity down history. Within the scope of the modern Babylonian Church, Antichrists abided from the fourth century till the twenty-first century and onward. Each Pontifex Maximus heading the church, more or less fit the parameters of the Antichrist: a renamed trinity (Tammuz became Jesus, Simarimis became Mary, and Nimrod became the Father), pagan-Christian idols, Sunday worship, and Saturnalia and Astarte holidays.

Romans 1 explains that these pagan practices will produce a world of rank disorder. God will give people over to sexual perversion, egomania, greed, abusiveness, and haters of Truth. (2 Tim 3:1-9) The world will be ready, because of ignorance of God's Word, to come under sway of the lawless one.

In the future, one of the leaders of the Babylonian Mystery Church will make an evil pact with Satan. The demon will give the lawless one power to perform counterfeit miracles, wonders and signs. He will call fire from heaven in front of the crowds. A comet?

He will change times. Clearly it has already happened. Europe begins the week with Monday, which makes Sunday the seventh day of the week!

Then there is the mark of the beast. No one knows for sure what this mark will be. Is it the Euro, which is an outgrowth, perhaps, of the Deutsche mark? Will it be the new credit card with the chip holding some data about a person's financial situation? Will they, in fact, plant a chip under people's skin, which holds vital information about them?

God will give mankind some six thousand years to run the Earth according to peoples' way. The number 666 is the number of mankind. God's number is seven, the number of completion. When the 666 come to fruition with the Antichrist and the beast, Satan, then God will send Jesus to take over the rule of the Earth. Jesus will rule according to God's laws and ways.

But before Jesus returns great horrors and disasters will befall the planet so polluted by mankind's sins. Waters will become polluted and poisonous. New mountains will form as old ones crumble. The skies will be darkened by, perhaps clouds and smoke. The earth will reel with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Wars will run rampant. The days will be painted with the red of blood and the blackness of evil.

Then the abomination of desolation, the Babylonian army like the Roman army before them, will destroy the holy place, probably the recreated temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, if not all of Jerusalem itself. (Luke 21:20)

Trumpets will blare. Woes will proliferate. Then when all seems to be lost, Jesus will appear with the heavenly hosts, resurrect the dead in Christ and lift up the living believers.

With wars rampant and disasters proliferating, yet a few faithful followers of God and Christ will remain steadfast. The dragon, the serpent of the Garden of Eden, will attack those faithful. But nothing will dislodge them because the righteous built their faith on the Word of God and the gospel of Christ. The raging sea of deception will not budge their faithful foundation fastened to Christ.

(See: Pro 10:25, Rev 8 to 13, Dan 7:25, Isa 14:13, 2 Tim 3:1-9.)



The Antichrists are howling out there right now. We need our Rock every day right now without waiting for the awful day of the Lord. We hear his voice, and he hears ours. He cares for his flock. With the mind of Christ we conquer sin, sickness, poverty, and death. Under Christ no demon or Babylonian deceptions can shake us free from our anchor.


- Gil Kovacs

for the Sabbath Christian Church


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