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What Must You Do to Be Saved?

What does it mean to be saved? Is salvation something you want or need? What’s in it for you? And, what’s the catch?

My question for you is: what is it you most desire? Life, and life more abundantly, is that not so? Nothing else matters if we have no life.

Obviously, life is more than food and drink; life must also have a purpose or meaning.

Don’t you want a long, healthy life, with prosperity and joy — a life free from enslavement to fear and worry and a life filled with honor, courage, inner strength, satisfaction, and, above all, love? I have only touched on the good things an abundant life can bring. Feel free to add to my list.

What we have to do to get a long life, aside from whatever genes may provide, is exercise, eat right, and work hard, on the physical side. But our intellects, emotions and spirits must be exercised and fed, too. We are more than muscles and sinews, nerves and blood vessels. Our intellect thrives on knowledge and challenges; our emotions need fulfillment; and our spirits need love provided from Our Father in heaven. Our whole being gains satisfaction in life from helping and sharing with others (treating others as you wish to be treated) and having a relation with Our Father (loving Him with our whole being).

Then there are those who would prefer to wrest the abundant life from others by criminal means — stealing, harming others, and murdering. These miscreants want a long prosperous life but at the expense of those who work hard and do good.